DigiCampus’s OpenBio content project develops a wide range of learning and knowledge networks that support crossing the traditional borders of different institutions in higher education such as universities and polytechnics, and expert communities. The content project also aims at building a socio-digital OpenBIO learning environment that supports and mediates multidisciplinary and collaborative development, and the development of design-oriented pedagogy (DOP) in the context of higher education.

The results of OpenBio and the other subprojects of the DigiCampus will be applied aiming to provide basic/introductory level multiform and e-learning courses for university and polytechnic students. The studies are also open to secondary students.

Bioeconomy is multidisciplinary and innovative creative competencies that challenge traditional learning. In the pictures, UEF student teachers plant the breeding experiments of the Natural Resources Institute of Finland and on the right piloting experiments on how to exploit industrial side streams and decaying wood to propagate medical fungi.